Daily Checks Skill

Enable the Daily Checks Alexa Skill in just three easy steps:

1.      Firstly enter your postcode and email address in the registration form on the www.daily-checks.com. As soon as you have done this, you will soon receive a registration email. You have to confirm this and then Daily Checks will send an email with the registration confirmation.

2.  After this has been completed, you have to activate the Alexa skill “Daily Checks” in the Alexa app. You have to do this with the same email address that you provided for www.daily-checks.com when you registered. As soon as the skill has been successfully activated, you have to complete the “account linking”. We will use your postal code and Email address to send you the information you have asked for to your per email.

3.      You can now open the Daily Checks Alexa Skill at any time and search for companies or services. Just ask Alexa, for example: “Alexa, name entries from “ZIP Code XYZ” or for a keyword “Alexa, I’m looking for car rental”. Alexa will then navigate you through the options and send an email with the results to your stored address E-mail address.

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Go to the “Skills” section in your Alexa app and search for “Daily Checks”. Then all you have to do is select and activate the “Daily Checks” skill on the overview page. You can also activate the Daily Checks Skill on the local Amazon site under Alexa Skills by entering the name “Daily Checks” and installing the skill.

Daily Checks Alexa Skill is a business directory. You can search for local companies or services just by voice command. You can save the hassle of searching for the companies or services in the search engine and then wasting time to look for the contact information. With Daily Checks you get it in ready made format as well as with addition information about the company and their social media links.

Daily Checks Alexa Skill is a business directory.  In case of printed copies of Yellow Pages, you manually need to search for the categories and then for the companies. In majority of the cases, you will only have the limited contact details or information about the opening hours. In case of online Yellow Pages or Yellow Pages Mobile App, you may not have  additional information either.  In many a cases you will find detailed contact information and any addition description only if the company was able to pay high fixed costs. Otherwise for majority of the entries, you will receive limited information.

In case of Daily Checks, you will receive the information instantly per email. You can search hands-free, just by your voice.  In fact, if you need the same information again, you can just look your emails rather than wasting time in searching it again. You can also forward the email with information to anybody and thus save the time for others too.

No search engine is giving you a readymade list for the keywords/ queries you have searched for. You will get the instant results but you need to go through all of them even to get the basic information like opening hours or short description. Additionally, aggregating the information, filtering them and organizing them is time consuming. Furthermore, if you need to search the same service/ company, you are again going to invest time.

In case of Daily Checks, you can search completely hands-free just by using your voice. You will receive the information instantly per email in organised manner. 

Since you have the information in your inbox, you can use the information multiple time without any addition search. You can print it, send it, see it on mobile…at home, at work and also when you are on the way. Daily Checks ist time saver than classical Search Engine search.

The Daily Checks Alexa Skill will initially be available in Germany and then in the UK, USA, India, Canada and Australia. Other countries will follow soon.

When you speak to Alexa, a recording of the question you asked is sent to Amazon’s server that their speech recognition and natural language understanding systems can process and respond to your request. If you use the “Daily Checks” Alexa Skill, Amazon exchanges certain information in text form with the Daily Checks, but not the actual voice recording. This can include, for example, the content of the question or the command (e.g. the query regarding a specific business category or service) or information you have used (e.g. the postal address of your Echo device, if you are using it) approved for the Daily Checks Skill. Based on the information submitted by Amazon, Daily Checks Skill searches for the desired information and sends it back to Amazon in text form. Alexa then reads the answer back to you. The information that get per Email is triggered by our servers and have nothing to do with Amazon servers/ Alexa Servers.

You can search for company entries or services via the Daily Checks Alexa Skill as often as you like. There is no limit on this.

With the help of Daily Checks you can find suitable companies or service providers for every search occasion, whereby you only have to register once.

As soon as you have registered on the Daily Checks website and have installed the Daily Checks Alexa Skill, you can start searching by voice. Since you have registered yourself with your zip code, the search is automatically regional. Thus, you have the chance to strengthen local companies and service providers by being able to reach them through the information sent by Daily Checks.

Just ask the Alexa Skill Daily Checks Skill for sweepstakes by either Brand name or Category. For
instance, you can say, “Alexa, ask Daily checks for Sweepstakes from Pepsi” or “Alexa, which

sweepstakes do you have in the Lifestyle Category”? Alternatively, you can just say “Alexa, I want to
win” and Alexa will then navigate you through the process.

One of the reasons for this is that no companies in your area have yet stored their company data in the Daily Checks Alexa Skill. You may inform them that they are not yet present in the Alexa Skill Daily Checks. Thus, you will make the search more useful for your fellow users.

In principle, you as a user will be shown entries from your postcode area. However, if you explicitly search for the search query in a certain other area or city, you will receive the matching company entries.

Yes, as a user, you can change and adapt your registration data at any time so that you always receive the right results.

Yes, there is no age limit for Daily Checks Alexa Skill.

No, the registration and the use of the Daily Check Alexa Skills is completely free and voluntary.

Yes, as a user you can deactivate the Daily Checks Alexa Skill at any time. The deactivation is then confirmed with an email.

No, the Daily Checks Alexa Skill only works via voice assistant and explicitly via Amazon Alexa.

Yes, it is not absolutely necessary to have a smart speaker, as you can also participate via the Alexa app.

No, you don’t need to create a new account for Daily Checks. You can continue to use the existing account. As long as you use the same email address in your Alexa app and sign up for the registration of daily checks, you can use the Alexa skill for daily checks.

No, we do not share you Email address with the companies. Hence they will not be able to directly contact you. 

Absolutly! Just image the hassle you have in searching, reading, analysing, filtering the information and then select the relevant information. We make it easier for you.

In addition, you don’t even need to type a word. You can hold your coffee cup in your hand 🙂 and still able to search. 100% Hands-free.

We can only send you precise and relevant information, if we know your preferences. Thus, when you register and share you postal code with us, we use it to filter the companies/ service provider matching to or near to your postal code. Thus, we think in your interest. 

We require your Email address because we only send the email to your Email address. We could make Alexa speak all the information but then it will not be time saving for your. We want to save your time in company and service searches.

Sure, this is much appreciated. Just write us and we will contact the company for updated information. Obviously, your initiative in informing us will also help other users.

No, we are not a search engine but we are your search time savers.

You will be able to see the special opening hours besides the normal opening hours too. You will be able to see the Social Media presence of the companies, if they have provided the links.

We will be sending you maximum 5 results per Email. Thus you will not be bombarded with a lot of information.

Data, Data Security, Data Usage, Term & Conditions, Privacy Policy

You will find the official General rules/ terms & conditions for the usage of the site and Alexa Skill here: https://daily-checks.com/general-terms-of-use/

By using our site and/ or our Alexa Skill, you indicate that you accept these General Terms of use information and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these General Terms of use information, please refrain from using our site and our Alexa Skill.

You will find the Data Privacy information for the usage of the site and Daily Checks Alexa Skill over here: https://daily-checks.com/privacy-policy/

By using our site and/ or our Alexa Skill, you indicate that you accept these Data Privacy Policy information and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these Data Privacy Policy information, please refrain from using our site and our Alexa Skill.

You will find the Other Terms & conditions of usage of the site and Alexa Skill over here: https://daily-checks.com/specific-terms-conditions/

By using our site and/ or our Alexa Skill, you indicate that you accept these Specific Terms & Conditions information and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these Specific Terms & Conditions information, please refrain from using our site and our Alexa Skill.

If you have just registered on daily-checks.com and activated the Skill, your data will not be shared with any companies. Even in case of using our Alexa Skill, whenever you make any search, we just share the data about the postal code and search term leading to the company information being sent to you. Thus, we do not share your Email address, name, postal address etc. information.

We only store your data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, or if it is required by law, in this case, the data is then stored for the duration of the statutory retention period. Any data stored or saved for technical reasons (date and duration of use, inquiries to the Daily Checks Skill, error messages) will be deleted after 35 days.

a) If you use the Daily Checks Skill, your personal data will also be passed on to Amazon via Alexa-enabled devices. We have no control or influence with regards to any processing of your personal data by Amazon. To deal with your personal data at Amazon, please visit Amazon’s data protection declaration at the following address: https://www.amazon.de/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=3312401. Please note this link may be changed by Amazon without any notice to you and us.

External service providers who process data on our behalf are carefully selected and contractually obliged to abide by our requirements. The service providers work according to our instructions, which is ensured by strict contractual obligations, by technical and organisational measures and by additional controls.

Incidentally, your data will only be transmitted if you have given us your express consent to so, or if you are legally required to do so.

We collect and process your data only for certain purposes. These can result from technical necessities or explicit user requests.

For technical reasons, we have to collect and save certain data when using the Daily Checks Skill for Amazon Alexa.

This concerns in detail:

  • Alphanumeric user ID from Amazon
  • Date and duration of use
  • Inquiries to the Daily Checks Skill
  • Answers from the Daily Checks Skills
  • Error messages when using the Daily Checks Skill
  • Data that is stored in the Daily Checks Skill based on particular user requests include: 
  • Preference for Companies
  • Preference for locations
  • Preferences for brands
  • Preference for notifications

Specifically, data processing in the Daily Checks Skill is carried out as follows:

After activating the Daily Checks Skill in the Alexa app, you can give Alexa the voice command to send a question regarding company or service search or another relevant request to us. To execute this command, Amazon will forward the following data to us:

– The individual “UserID” assigned to you by Amazon when activating the Daily Checks Skill

– The question or request you asked about the Daily Checks Skill

If we have a suitable answer to your question or request, we will pass it on to Amazon in text form. In the context of Alexa, the text is then converted into an acoustic voice output, which is played back on your Alexa-enabled device. 

The way in which your personal data is processed before any of your questions or requests have been sent to us from Amazon, as well as after we have sent you a corresponding answer for you, is beyond our sphere of influence and responsibility. The processing of your personal data for which we are responsible begins with the receipt of your personal data by transmission from Amazon to us and ends when we have submitted a corresponding response in text form to Amazon for transmission to you.

The questions and requests you send to us will be anonymised after we have sent a corresponding answer to Amazon and can then no longer be assigned to you. Your UserID will be saved for later questions or requests as long as the Daily Checks Skill is activated in Alexa for you.

Insofar as we process your data to the extent described above, we are required to do so in accordance with Art 6 (1) lit. b) GDPR, as this is absolutely necessary to fulfill your request.